Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dual immersion

Hooray!! Hooray!! We applied Nate to two dual-immersion programs and he got in!! He wanted to speak Chinese or Spanish (that's my boy!). The district offered French as well, but he wasn't interested in that language.

I filled out applications to approximately six different school, hoping that Nate would get in SOMEWHERE. It worked!! Nate got into the Chinese program at Ridgecrest elementary and the Spanish at Silver Mesa. I was hoping for the program at Alta View elementary, but Silver Mesa is still pretty close (I'll have to drive him myself).

My nephew currently attends a dual-immersion program in Farmington. He started in kindergarten and now he's in second grade. Whenever I speak to him, his Spanish is spot on! He speaks it with ease and correctly, too. By the time these kids get into High School they'll speak better than RM's and will be ready begin ANOTHER language! Can you believe it? Tri-lingual!

It will be tough for our Nader at first, but he's on board and is excited to speak Spanish!


  1. Congrats! That is so awesome. I've heard that learning another language so young can help kids achieve more academically across the board! I hope he loves it!!