Friday, November 13, 2009

Erik wanted to say that, "we just love visitors that come by and visit, no matter what!"

Erik is right. We are a visiting type of folk. There is nothing better than sitting in our yard or a friend's yard and wiling away the evening. The kids run about and are about one step away from "Lord of the Flies," though we do try to keep it civil and fun amongst the young folk. The parents relive some fun times and make memories for the future.

Mike and I really do enjoy hanging out with each other but it's nice to throw some others into the mix. SAR buds are great, friends from California and Montana rate at the top of our list and of course, family is always welcome.

More likely than not, the house will need dusting, there will be some dog hair on the carpet and there will always be nose and hand prints on the bay window, but rest assured, you will always be welcome.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A trip on the bandwagon

With the prospect of some friends moving away and grandparents are more than just a 20 min. drive across town, I figured it was time to start a family blog. TA-DAAAA!!

I'm hoping to get the boys (including Mike) to contribute at least once a week. We'll get some pictures going and some other fun stuff soon. Let me know if there are any topics you want us to cover or questions you have that keep you up at night. Don't worry, this will be strictly about the family and our activities, no deep thoughts or midnight "ideas." Just fun stuff!