Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Rents visiting

Mom and Dad are here "on business." That's code for signing the tax return forms at the financial planner's office and then spending the rest of the time visiting with friends and family.

We went to lunch at a the Bench family stand-by, Wendy's. Grandad fed fries and Frosty to baby Lena while Mom and I talked about the Karren's reception this weekend.

Of course we went by "the Wagon" (The Chocolate Covered Wagon) for some treats for my brother, Mike ( he loves those sandwich mints) and popcorn and truffles for others. I actually didn't eat anything when I went, not even a sample of caramel (is that good or am I insan?).

Afterward, Lena needed a napper-dapper so we visited while she slept. I introduced Mom and Dad to Facebook, which they have absolutely NO INTEREST in doing. So naturally, I desperately moved on to the family blog. I think they have even less interest in that although I said, three times, "I'm doing this for you guys so you don't feel left out." (I'm also doing it for you, Dear Reader!! Please don't feel left out!) Could I BE more desperate?!?

Evidently not. I moved onto the new topic: their 50th wedding anniversary. I had a nice sit-down dinner on a patio outside the institue building for immediate family and close friends, but Mom said, "No. Let's just go to a restaurant." I said, "I will plan it for you! Just give me a budget and I'll make it work!"
"We could set the table, etc to coordinate with the colors she had at her wedding"
"I don't even remember what we had!"

Dad breaks, "Michelle, WE'LL (pointing at himself and me) will plan the annivesary and all your mom has to do is show up!"
I like Dad's style.

I haven't given up yet- I still have the whole week to talk Mom into the dinner.


  1. How fun for you to have your parents in town. I am with you and your dad, you do need a big party for their 50th, that's huge. Congrats to them.

  2. I love it when my parents visit. Tell the Doc hi.